Hadyab Society for Competencies hold environmental workshop at CUE

On May 20, the Hadiab Society for Competencies held a workshop at CUE, attended by a group of professors specialized in various fields of environment. Following the welcoming speech by Dr. Samir Khourani, member of the administrative board of the Hadiab Society for...

Head of EU Liaison Office, Erbil speaks to CUE students

Clarisse Pásztory, Head of EU Liaison Office, Erbil which is part of the Delegation of the European Union to Iraq visited Catholic University in Erbil today and spoke with our students about the role of security, education and vibrant civil society as well as strong...

CUE holds public lecture about language development in the Near East

On April 5, the Catholic University in Erbil held a public lecture entitled Language Development in the Near East by Fr. Dr. Samer Soreshow Yohanna, O.A.O.C. The lecture focused on Aramaic. Part of the Northwest Semitic group, Aramaic is close to such Canaanite...

“ True education enables us to love life and opens us to the fullness of life. ”

- Pope Francis

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