Department of Computer Sciences (CS)

Academic Year 2017/2018 (Fall 2017 Semester)


To realize our vision, the CS department works to:

  • Emphasize high quality teaching and research, dedication to community services, and partnership with industry.
  • Maintain high-quality undergraduate and graduate programs that deliver advanced knowledge in computer sciences while allowing prompt response to the needs of the local community.
  • Deliver high-quality research, both theoretical and applied, and promotes collaboration with the industry in terms of research and training.
  • Enhance staff-student relations and mutual understanding in order to create pleasant and productive teaching and research environment.


The department seriously aims at establishing a strong sense of attachment within the students and an academic atmosphere that would emphasize creative performance, outstanding achievements, and acquisition of advanced knowledge and practical skills in all areas of computer sciences and information technology.

The B.Sc. in Computer Sciences aims to produce graduates that are:

  • Socially-responsible and equipped with the required knowledge, problem-solving, critical thinking, ethics, and team working.
  • Successful in different computer sciences related careers.
  • Able to deliver high quality research, both theoretical and applied, to enable the students to work in research related fields or continue their graduate studies.
  • Competent and have the necessary communication and leadership skills to function effectively in a professional environment.
  • Able to identify and work in contemporary issues in computer sciences fields.

Career Paths:

  • Software Developer
  • Systems Analysts, Architect or Administrator
  • Designer of Business Systems
  • Database Programmer
  • Network Manager
  • IT Consultant

Course offered :

Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences


4 years full-time

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