Department of International Relations

Academic Year 2017/2018 (Fall 2017 Semester)


To teach and educate students who will be leaders of the future to contribute to the advancement of justice and the well-being of society and enhance the international relations between Kurdistan-Iraq and the rest of the world.


  • To understand the principles rule the international relations and how they can be enhanced for mutual or bilateral interests.
  • To predict the probable judicial resolution of simulated legal disputes.
  • To conduct basic legal and international relations research.
  • To recognize excellent writing in and about law and international relations, and to learn techniques for improving one’s own writing.
  • To learn techniques for time-management, self-reflection and collaboration, which are necessary for successful academic study and professional practice
  • Improve the work of legal and international relations professionalism and emphasis on the role of national competencies qualified for this role.

Career Paths:

The skills graduates of B.Sc. in International Relations gain are transferable to many different roles beyond qualifying as an international relations officer. As such recruiters in a range of industries, government and international institutions and organizations are keen to attract international relations graduates.

The followings are examples of job descriptions/titles for this course’s graduates:

  • Policy analyst for government agency or public office
  • Defense research analyst
  • International program specialist
  • International trade director
  • Political affairs officer
  • Compliance officer

Course offered :

Bachelor of Science in International Relations


4 years full-time

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