Directorate of Quality Assurance

Catholic University in Erbil (CUE) is a non-profit institution of higher education and research providing recognized degrees in the arts and sciences. CUE offers a unique educational experience that prepares the next generation of citizens to lead and make a difference in our region. In order to ensure that students receive this unique educational experience, CUE established the Directorate of Quality Assurance.

The Directorate provides a framework to examine and enhance teaching activities to ensure that CUE achieves the aspiration of excellence and uniqueness.


Quality Assurance Documents

DocumentCreated onUpdated on
Coursebook - CUE 2017-201812th Oct. 201712th Oct. 2017
Coursebook - guide12th Oct. 201712th Oct. 2017
Student Feedback Form 2017-201812th Oct. 201712th Oct. 2017
Teacher Portfolio12th Oct. 201712th Oct. 2017
CAD Scores Requirements12th Oct. 201712th Oct. 2017

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