Rules on campus

CUE is committed to ensuring our campuses are places of safety and respect for all. We expect our staff and students to always behave in a manner that is respectful, inclusive and fair.

Student Stories

Rashel Nather Marzena/Qaraqosh

Sally Salim Yono Auffee/Qaraqosh

Saad Hanna Polus – Mosul

Rahma Yaqoob Yousif/Qaraqosh

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The Catholic University in Erbil (CUE) embraces diversity and considers it a fundamental base for the nurturing of future leaders.


CUE welcomes students of all cultures, faiths, ethnics, and backgrounds.


The CUE is a member of the worldwide community of Catholic Universities.


CUE students will have the ability to communicate and participate virtually with our partner universities in Australia, USA & Europe.