Department of Oriental Studies

Academic Year 2017/2018 (Fall 2017 Semester)


Oriental studies is the academic field of study that embraces Near Eastern and Far Eastern societies and cultures, languages, peoples, history and archaeology; in recent years the subject has often been turned into the newer terms of Asian studies and Middle Eastern studies.

The department of oriental studies is firmly dedicated to CUE mission of being a leader in the production of original research. To explore Middle East societies, past and present, through intensive and highly specialized engagement with primary sources in Middle East and European languages and media.


  • To equip students with science, knowledge, and education in the field of Oriental Studies.
  • To form the personality, general scientific and socio-cultural competencies of graduates to perform tasks in the field of local and international relations.
  • To implement the Standard of Higher Professional Education in the field of Oriental Studies
  • To develop and implement educational programs in the following areas: International Relations, Foreign Area Studies, Islamic Studies, History and Culture of the East and Middle East, Oriental Languages.
  • To study of the history, traditions, culture and basic beliefs of the Eastern peoples to form a holistic understanding of the Eastern perspective, international relations and effective dialogue with the countries of the Middle East in particular.

Career Paths:

Many graduates are expected to undertake further research into subjects linked with Oriental studies and to pursue successful careers in the academic world, education and in museums.

Course offered :

Bachelor of Arts in Oriental Studies


4 years full-time

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