Community Development Courses

English Language & Computer Skills Courses


Catholic University in Erbil provides community training and development courses to adult learners from the local community especially the internally displaced people who were forced to leave their study and education in their own towns without completion in order to qualify them for further study, jobs and rebuild their life.

English Language

Course Description

This, three months course, is aimed at teaching internally displaced people English language to give an opportunity for the displaced people to have access to professional training.

Course Objectives

The goal is to promote the living conditions of people who have been displaced by giving them the language basics needed to find a job and/or have the opportunity to complete their studies.

Computer Skills

 Course Description

 Computer skills course is designed to familiarize students with computers, their literacy and applications. It includes introduction to hardware and software, input-output system, operating system and Microsoft office package.

Course Objectives

The goal is to make students understand and identify the basic parts of a computer system, hardware, peripheral devices and their relations, learn basic functions and principles of using windows operating system and understand and use basic computer terminology.

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