Department of Business Management


Strives to be among the best regional business schools in the nation by empowering students from diverse backgrounds with business talent and ideas to reach their full potential.


Committed to providing students from diverse academic and socioeconomic backgrounds with business education to transform into leaders and builders of enterprises who create value for their stakeholders and society at large and successfully and ethically meet the challenges of the global business environment.

Equally committed to developing new scholars and teachers and creating and disseminating path-breaking knowledge, concepts, and tools which advance the understanding and practice of management.


– Students will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to fill professional management positions in corporate, government, or small business in an ever-changing, globally competitive business environment.

– Students will be able to work effectively with others and lead others in a common mission.

– Students can demonstrate analytical, problem-solving, decision-making, communication, quantitative, and information technology skills.

– Students can synthesize, analyze and integrate their knowledge of business disciplines to provide innovative and credible solutions to organizational problems and opportunities.

– Students can analyze the ethical implications of business decisions.

– Students can demonstrate effective leadership and collaboration skills for making decisions and accomplishing goals.

Job Prospects

Graduates will be able to work in various professional fields such as Banks, Marketing, companies, and Non- profit organization.


Level Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
UGI One 1 CUEBA1101 Principles of Management 5
2 CUEBA1102 Accounting for Managers I 6
3 CUEBA1103 Micro Economics 5
4 CUEBA1104 Academic Debate 5
5 CUEBA1105 Kurdology / Kurdish Language 4
6 CUEBA1106 General English I 5
Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
Two 1 CUEBA1201 Organizational Theory 5
2 CUEBA1202 Accounting for Managers II 6
3 CUEBA1203 Macro Economics 5
4 CUEBA1204 Principles of Statistics 5
5 CUEBA1205 Computer Skills for Managers 4
6 CUEBA1206 General English II 5
Level Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
UGII Three 1 CUEBA2301 Entrepreneurship 5
2 CUEBA2302 Commercial Law 5
3 CUEBA2303 Financial Management 5
4 CUEBA2304 Human Resources Management I 5
5 CUEBA2305 Marketing Management I 5
6 CUEBA2306 Business Communication 5
Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
Four 1 CUEBA2401 Managerial Psychology 5
2 CUEBA2402 Corporate Law 5
3 CUEBA2403 Corporate Finance 5
4 CUEBA2404 Human Resources Management II 5
5 CUEBA2405 Marketing Management II 5
6 CUEBA2406 Professional Writing & Soft Skills 5
Level Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
UGIII Five 1 CUEBA3501 Business Research Methods 5
2 CUEBA3502 Business Ethics 5
3 CUEBA3503 Financial Markets 5
4 CUEBA3504 Performance Management 5
5 CUEBA3505 Consumer Behavior & Customer Relations Management 5
6 CUEBA3506 Elective 5
Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
Six 1 CUEBA3601 Advanced Managerial Accounting 5
2 CUEBA3602 Corporate Governance 5
3 CUEBA3603 Financial Services 5
4 CUEBA3604 Compensation Management 5
5 CUEBA3605 Sales & Distribution Management 5
6 CUEBA3606 Elective 5
Note 1: The student should complete the Summer Internships to fulfill the requirements of the Bachelor of Science degree
Level Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
UGIV Seven 1 CUEBA4701 Total Quality Management 5
2 CUEBA4702 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management 5
3 CUEBA4703 Industrial Relations Management 5
4 CUEBA4704 Supply Chain Management & Logistics 5
5 CUEBA4705 Project Management 5
6 CUEBA4706 Elective 5
 Note 2: The student should start with the graduation project at the beginning of the seven semester
Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
Eight 1 CUEBA4801 International Business 5
2 CUEBA4802 Banking & Insurance Management 5
3 CUEBA4803 Strategic Management 5
4 CUEBA4804 Graduation Project 10
5 CUEBA4805 Elective 5




Semester Elective Title Semester Elective Title
Five International Financial Management Seven Strategic Financial Management
Global Human Resources Management Leadership & Change Management
Production & Distribution Management Retail Management
Six Taxation Eight Financial Risk Management
Talent Management Human Resources Development
Services Marketing Digital Marketing مارکێتینگی دیجیتال


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