Department of Computer Sciences

Graduates of the Computer Sciences department have a wide range of opportunities for employment in a variety of sectors due to their expertise in computing and information technology.


To remain the best Computer Science department in Kurdistan, working towards becoming a world-class department with a distinguished faculty delivering high quality teaching and research.


To realize our vision, the CS department work to:

  • Emphasise high quality teaching and research, dedication to community services and partnership with industry.
  • Maintain high quality undergraduate programs that deliver advanced expertise in computer science while allowing prompt responses to the needs of the local community.
  • Deliver high quality research, both theoretical and applied, and promote collaboration with industry in research and training.
  • Enhance staff-student relations and mutual understanding in order to create a productive and supportive teaching and research environment.


The department creates a partnership with our students in an academic atmosphere that emphasizes creative performance, outstanding achievement and the acquisition of advanced knowledge and practical skills in all areas of computer science and information technology.

To achieve our mission, the Computer Science department aims to produce graduates who are:
Socially-responsible and equipped with the necessary knowledge, problem-solving, critical thinking, ethics, and team working;
Successful in different Computer Science-related careers;
Able to deliver high quality research, both theoretical and applied, to enable further work in research-related fields or to continue their graduate studies;
Competent with the necessary communication and leadership skills to function effectively in a professional environment;
Able to identify and address contemporary issues in the fields of Computer Science.

Job Description

Graduates of the Computer Science department have a wide range of opportunities for employment in a variety of sectors and roles, including as: database administrators, computer technicians, games developers, information systems managers, IT consultants, multimedia programmers, network engineers, system analysts, system developers, school teachers, IT trainers, data architects and helpdesk operators.