Department of mathematics

Graduates can find wide job opportunities in public and private sectors, as they will be able to teach in English and their mother language.


We share the vision of developing our intellectually vigorous community of students and faculty, together engaging in research, teaching, and learning that advance knowledge in diverse areas of mathematics and support current progress in science.


The mission of the mathematics department is to provide an environment where students can learn and become competent users of mathematics and mathematical application. Moreover, the department will contribute to the development of students as mathematical thinkers, enabling them to become lifelong learners, to continue to grow in their chosen professions, and to function as productive citizens.

In pursuing this mission, primary departmental functions are the development, dissemination, and application of mathematical knowledge and in the areas of: mathematics, mathematics education, and actuarial science. We will serve students who are our majors and minors, general education students, and those from other service areas. Furthermore, it is the mission of the Department of Mathematics to engage in active scholarship in mathematics and mathematics education that supports our teaching and furthers mathematical understanding and to build productive connections with academic and non-academic communities.

In fulfilling this mission, the department creates an environment where the faculty can continue to grow as teachers and scholars, while providing public and professional service.


Level Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS  
UGI One 1 EN1106 General English I 5.00
2 IR1104 Academic Debates 4.00
3 Iir1105 Kurdistan Studies 4.00
Kurdish Language
4 IT1106 Computer skills 5.00
5 MA1101 Calculus I 6.00
6 MA1102 Foundation of Mathematic I 6.00
Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
Two 1 EN1206 General English II 5.00
2 MA1202 Calculus II 6.00
3 MA1203 General Physics 3.00
4 MA1204 Foundation of Mathematic II 6.00
5 MA1205 Algorithms 5.00
6 MA1206 Finite Mathematics 5.00
Level Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
UGII Three 1 MA2301 Advanced Calculus I 6.00
2 MA2302 Linear Algebra I 5.00
3 MA2303 Probability & Statistics I 5.00
4 MA2304 Ordinary Differential Equations I 5.00
5 MA2305 Axiomatic and Geometry 5.00
6 MA2306 Programming and applications 4.00
Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
Four 1 MA2401 Advanced Calculus II 6.00
2 MA2402 Linear Algebra II 5.00
3 MA2403 Probability & Statistics II 5.00
4 MA2404 Ordinary Differential Equations II 5.00
5 MA2405 Educational Psychology 4.00
6 EN2407 Professional Writing 5.00
Level Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
UGIII Five 1 MA3501 Mathematical Analysis I 5.00
2 MA3502 Numerical Analysis I 5.00
3 MA3503 Group Theory 5.00
4 MA3504 Mathematical Statistics I 5.00
5 MA3505 Measurement and Evaluation 5.00
6 MA3506 Elective 5.00
Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
Six 1 MA3601 Mathematical Analysis II 5.00
2 MA3602 Numerical Analysis II 5.00
3 MA3603 Ring Theory 5.00
4 MA3604 Mathematical Statistics II 5.00
5 MA3605 Partial Differential Equations 5.00
6 MA3606 Teaching Methods and Viewing 5.00
Level Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
UGIV seven 1 MA4701 Complex Analysis I 5.00
2 MA4702 Topology I 5.00
3 MA4703 Operation Research Models 5.00
4 MA4704 Linear Programming Application 5.00
5 MA4705 Advanced Programming 5.00
6 MA4706 Elective 5.00
 Note 2: The student should start with the graduation project with the beginning of the seven semester
Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
Eight 1 MA4801 Complex Analysis II 5.00
2 MA4802 Topology II 5.00
3 MA4803 Application of Advanced Programming 5.00
4 MA4804 Graduate Project 8.00
5 MA4805 Application Teaching in Schools 7.00