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The Five-Year Strategy (2018/19-2022/23)

About the Plan

In August 2018, The Catholic University in Erbil designed in a future development plan. The plan ensures a scientific and an academic privileged status of the university. It aims to be the leading and pioneer plan on both the regional and international levels. It is hoped that it will acquire international recognition in implanting an actual role that would contribute the development of culture and education in the society. The strategic plan consists of three parts:-

Part one: some theoretical aspects of the strategic plan.
Part two: an analysis of the university situation during the academic year 2017/18
Part three: the future plan

Our Vision

The university seeks to give priority to choosing the BEST students, academic and administrative staff, and designing high-quality academic programs.

Our Mission

The mission of Catholic University in Erbil is in line with its vision to be innovative, creative and challenging in choosing the teaching methods, selecting academic staff with intellectual competence and ambition, and in interacting with the local community with an aim to meet its needs for future leaders who will contribute to achieving a sustainable development.

Philosophy and Values

The CUE is a non-profit higher education and scientific research institution. It welcomes students from all cultures, religions, and educational backgrounds in an environment of tolerance and academic excellence. It stresses quality teaching and learning, peace, and justice.

It represents an open academic community based on the best higher education standards. It is dedicated to preparing the coming generation of professional leaders to work with competence and excellence in KR, Iraq and the world at large for the common good and human dignity.

Identity and Aim

The CUE is a scientific institution which endeavors to be a civil university in a global perspective. It draws on the tradition of sublime human values based on the spiritually and intellectually ancient and rich Oriental heritage. It is characterized by its diversity and openness to different ideologies. Therefore, it warmly welcomes students, lecturers and employees from various traditions, social, religious, and ethnic backgrounds in an environment of trust security, and respect for other.


  1. Achieving academic excellence through providing modern and efficient academic programs in line with international quality standards. It commits itself to making full use of technological developments in achieving its goal.
  2. Graduate qualified students with a sense of taking responsibility and who are equipped with in-depth knowledge within their majors.
  3. Expanding liberal and professional knowledge and the creation of a diverse and inclusive society.
  4. Preparing scientifically, conscientiously, and ethically qualified leaders who have the potential to shape their local and national world scientifically, morally and professionally to help make the world a humane society with more transparency, justice, and dignity.
  5. Creating opportunities to study in the various disciplines needed in Kurdistan Region (KR) in a way that contributes to bringing about integrative relationship amongst the citizens and different fields of workplace.
  6. Consolidating a concept of intimacy and unity through establishing a university where, despite its specific character, the doors are open to who the nationals, religions, ethnicities and denominations coexisting in KR with the same conditions and privileges.

Ensuring the provision of special units for research and strategic studies in different disciplines that serve the region in coping with global changes and to consolidate the direct relationship of KR with people and government all over the world through holding conferences participation in such conferences.

Core Values

1.Family community: in its efforts in realizing its mission, the CUE welcomes students, teaching staff, and management and caters for them as diverse but intimate members of a family. In doing so, the university creates an atmosphere of mutual care for and response to the spiritual, social, emotional, and material needs of all those it serves.


2.Dignity: the CUE stresses on the dignity of the individual through  openness to a variety of attitudes, experiences, traditions, and mutual dialogue in the teaching and learning process and interaction among the members of the university community.


3.Diversity: the university strives to inculcate an evaluation of and respect for differences regardless of where they come from so that its graduates can work successfully in multiple cultural contexts.


4.The ethical dimension: the university intends to educate people on personal integrity so that they may realize the importance of learning throughout life. It calls for efforts based on conscience to reach truth through free endeavor that is based on conscientious and responsible use of knowledge. It also promotes the values of ethics and social justice and human rights as a for its programs and activities.


5.Service: the university’s motto is:  ” I am bound by my responsibilities” in all its curricular, common curricular and non-curricular programs and activities.


6.Truth: the university strives to inculcate a sense of interest in truth and commitment towards wisdom. It encourages an education that is based on values, creative scholarship, eloquent and imaginative use of research and technology and its applications and scientific leaning opportunities. It also seeks to enhance creative, logical, and ethical ideology with an aim to develop effective communication skills, aesthetic sense, and deepen international, social and historical awareness.


7.Humanization: the university views leaning as a humane and social activity rather than a competitive practice.

8.Intellect and Faith: the educational vision of the university is based on teaching as a dynamic and fruitful interaction between the traditional resources of wisdom and modern development of knowledge. Through the teaching and learning process, the university seeks to embody ideological and scientific attitudes that have ethical dimensions used as the basis for any approach in solving modern problems and build a future vision.


9.Loyalty: the university’s commitment to excellence requires that its members live its mission and be loyal to the promises it makes. In realizing this commitment, the teaching and managerial staff as well as students are required to commit themselves to loyalty and justice and share their experiences in a harmonious way.

Strategy Objectives

The strategic objectives of the Catholic University in Erbil can be classified into five main categories:

  1. Students: the success of students at the university means their post-graduation ability to successfully and positively engage in various activities to promote human experience at the local, regional, and international levels. The CUE will provide them with the required educational experience, training, academic support, and guidance to help them reach this goal.
  2. Efficient and quality academic programs: The CUE will work to be recognized as a high-ranking higher education institution in terms of delivering quality teaching, leading-edge programs, innovation pedagogy, and commitment to carrying out solid research and ensuring social justice and community engagement.
  3. Image and reputation: in a bid to help make the university well-known worldwide, the Catholic University in Erbil has joint the Catholic University Consortium. This step will ensure placing the university on a broad platform for and facilitate running staff and student exchange programmes and a wider participation in international activities in terms of projects, conferences, workshops and seminars.
  4. The university status in society. The Catholic University in Erbil will take up a series of initiatives to help make its activities reach out the local community to ensure playing its significant role in developing the local community.
  5. Infrastructure: The Catholic University in Erbil Works toward redesigning the layout and teaching facilities at the campus to provide the needed facilities to support the above-mentioned objectives. The construction of a new building is underway within the premise of the university that will comprise new colleges and departments, a culture center as well as facilities for extra curriculum activities such as sports, additional labs for IT, language learning center, engineering, as well as additional teaching rooms.

What makes the university unique and individual?

Through its close ties with International Federation of Catholic Universities, the CUE will able to provide its students with the experience of a group of world experts and scholars who voluntarily visit the university to meet both the students and teachers with an aim to share them their expertise and experiences they have.

There are abundant opportunities from which students can benefit from during their study or after graduation through making use of the standing partnership between the CUE and the other Catholic universities in Australia, America and Europe.