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The Five-Year Strategy (2018/19-2022/23)

About the Plan

In August 2018, The Catholic University in Erbil designed in a future development plan. The plan ensures a scientific and an academic privileged status of the university. It aims to be the leading and pioneer plan on both the regional and international levels. It is hoped that it will acquire international recognition in implanting an actual role that would contribute the development of culture and education in the society. The strategic plan consists of three parts:-

Part one: some theoretical aspects of the strategic plan.
Part two: an analysis of the university situation during the academic year 2017/18
Part three: the future plan

Our Vision

The university seeks to give priority to choosing the BEST students, academic and administrative staff, and designing high-quality academic programs.

Our Mission

The mission of Catholic University in Erbil is in line with its vision to be innovative, creative and challenging in choosing the teaching methods, selecting academic staff with intellectual competence and ambition, and in interacting with the local community with an aim to meet its needs for future leaders who will contribute to achieving a sustainable development.

Strategic Objectives

The strategic objectives of the Catholic University in Erbil can be classified into five main categories:

a) Students: the success of students at the university means their post-graduation ability to successfully and positively engage in various activities to promote human experience at the local, regional, and international levels.  The CUE will provide them with the required educational experience, training, academic support, and guidance to help them reach this goal.

b) Efficient and quality academic programs: The CUE will work to be recognized as a high ranking higher education institution in terms of delivering quality teaching, leading-edge programs, innovation pedagogy, and commitment to carrying out solid research and ensuring social justice and community engagement.

c) Image and reputation: in a bid to help make the university well-known worldwide, the Catholic University in Erbil has joint the Catholic University Consortium. This step will ensure placing the university on a broad platform for and facilitate running staff and student exchange programmes and a wider participation in international activities in terms of projects, conferences, workshops and seminars.

d) The university status in society. The Catholic University in Erbil will take up a series of initiatives to help make its activities reach out the local community to ensure playing its significant role in developing the local community.

e) Infrastructure: The Catholic University in Erbil Works toward redesigning the layout and teaching facilities at the campus to provide the needed facilities to support the above-mentioned objectives. The construction of a new building is underway within the premise of the university that will comprise new colleges and departments, a culture centre as well as facilities for extra curriculum activities such as sports, additional labs for IT, language learning centre, engineering , as well as additional teaching rooms.