Pharmacy Faculty

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  1. Vacancy no.: CUE-2022-050
  2. Position title: Faculty Pharmacy
  3. No. of positions:2
  4. Position category: Local or Expatriate
  5. Employment type: Fixed term & Part-time
  6. Employment duration: The academic year of 2024/2025 (12 months’ period)
  7. Effort rate: 100%
  8. Deadline for application: This job vacancy is open until the position is filled.
  9. Line Manager: Head of Nursing Dep.
  10. Subordinates: N/A
  11. Salary and Remuneration: Negotiable
  12. Required qualifications:
    • 1. Holding PhD or master’s degree.
    • 2. Holding a scientific title of Assistant Lecturer or higher.
    • 3. Minimum of 2 to 5 years of teaching experience in the area of specialization.
    • 4. Management and control skills.
    • 5. Excellent presentation and expression skills.
    • 6. Self-development and research-driven.
    • 7. Tact, discretion and diplomacy.
    • 8. Vitality, punctuality and proactivity.
    • 9. Very good English communication skills. Arabic and Kurdish communication skills will be advantageous.
    • 10. Good Computer skills especially in Excel, Word and PowerPoint software.
  1. Duties and responsibilities:
    • 1. Prepare syllabus of all teaching subjects within the approved curriculum.
    • 2. Advance preparation of the lecture with all necessary materials and tools.
    • 3. Conduct lectures according to the teaching schedule.
    • 4. Checking and assessing student work and comprehension.
    • 5. Stay available for providing further clarification to the students if needed as per the working time schedules.
    • 6. Prepare assignments and conduct exams as needed.
    • 7. Conduct research/s in the field of specialization as needed.
    • 8. Participate in committees and attend meetings as requested by the line manager.
    • 9. Attend conferences and seminars as required.
    • 10. Develop teaching skills and update her/his knowledge in the area of specialization.
    • 11. Participate in the process of examination invigilation.
    • 12. Assist the department in the preparation and updating of the curriculum.
    • 13. Perform any other related tasks delegated by the line manager.
  1. Application:
  • The following documents are required to be sent alongside the application.
    • Cover letter
    • An updated CV
    • Please indicate the vacancy no. in the subject of your e-mail.
    • Please send your application to: [email protected]

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