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About CUE

The Catholic University in Erbil (CUE) is a non-profit institution of higher education and scientific research providing recognized degrees in the arts and sciences. CUE welcomes students of all cultures, faiths and backgrounds to come study in an environment of tolerance and academic excellence, promoting, quality, and the dignity and justice.
CUE is an open academic community based in the best tradition of higher education, dedicated to forming the next generation of leaders to serve with professional excellence in Kurdistan, Iraq and internationally, for the common good, and the dignity of the human person.
As a member of the worldwide community of Catholic University, CUE will be able to introduce its students to some of the finest scholars in the world who will regularly be present as professors and teachers here on the CUE campus.
CUE students will also have the ability to communicate and participate virtually with our partner universities in Australia, USA and Europe.


“Pioneer in choosing students, Faculty Members and design the best academic program.”


The vision of the university is in line with its mission of creativity, innovation and the desire to challenge reality in both directions. How to teach students and choose the faculty and the intellectual ambition of the university itself to interact with the community.

CUE’s New Logo

  1. The symbol in general is streamlined in dimensions which reflects the streamlined dimensions of the intellect.
  2. The pyramid shape on the top symbolizes the Babylonian design and Mesopotamian culture.
  3. The letter centering the pyramid shape refer first letter of Chaldean language ALAP (A) that descended from the Mesopotamian languages which first invented writing. Also, the letter ALAP (A) refer to the first letter of Arbil city name.
  4. The yellow opened book shape located below the pyramid shape with the two yellow lines dragging downward refer to the knowledge which emerged from the depth of civilization heading to future.
  5. The two lines also symbolize Mesopotamia.
  6. The star icon on the right side refer to the Babylonian star over the city of Erbil
  7. The shape of building and gate at the bottom symbolizes the Arbil Citadel.