Fields of study

College of Dentistry

Graduates have chance of working in both governmental dental centers both primary and secondary heath centers, dental hospitals or institutions as well as in private sector.

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Department of Medical Laboratory Diagnosis

Graduates readily enter careers across the whole spectrum of the modern life sciences. Graduates are employed, for example, in companies (pharmaceuticals and healthcare, food safety and manufacture)

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Department of Biomedical Engineering

Providing students with a solid BME education, advancing the University through applied biomedical scientific research, and keeping pace with current developments in the BME field

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Pathological Analyzes Department

Graduates readily enter careers across the whole spectrum of the modern life sciences. Graduates are employed, for example, in companies (pharmaceuticals and healthcare, food safety and manufacture), in clinical and environmental laboratories, in countless research institutes and in education.

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Department of Civil Engineering

Graduates can find wide job opportunities in public construction projects and engineering offices and in private construction projects and private engineering offices.

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Department of Architecture Engineering

Work on projects with other professionals including construction workers & architects will have opportunities to work in both governmental & private corporations Design & supervise construction of buildings, roads & systems.

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Catholic University department of Computer-Sciences in Erbil

Department of Computer Sciences

Graduates of computer sciences department have wide range opportunities to win jobs in a variety of sectors due to the computerized work involved in each company or organization.

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Department of Information Technology

The B.Sc IT program provides undergraduates with the board technical education necessary for productive employment in the public or private sector

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Will provide the students with the skills necessary to impact economic and business performance and help improve people’s lives through a deep understanding of human behavior, economic environments and markets.

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Department of Law & International Relations

The skills graduate of law and international relations gain are transferable to many different roles beyond qualifying as a solicitor, lawyer, barrister or international relations officer.

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Rules on campus

CUE is committed to ensuring our campuses are places of safety and respect for all. We expect our staff and students to always behave in a manner that is respectful, inclusive and fair.

Student Stories

Rashel Nather Marzena/Qaraqosh

Sally Salim Yono Auffee/Qaraqosh

Saad Hanna Polus – Mosul

Rahma Yaqoob Yousif/Qaraqosh

Academic Calendar

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