Academic Portfolio Evaluation

The below questions are evaluated by staff, the manager, and a committee. The questions response is a number between 1 and 5.

1Loyal to the university and dedicate their working time to the education process development?
2Pays attention to the student learning and attendance and equally treats the students with no partiality?
3Emphasizes the quality of the work?
4Shared the coursebook and the assessment criteria with the students at the beginning of the semester.
5Preparing the session materials in advance (Resources/Materials, Assessment notifications, ….etc)?
6Actively participates in conducting the final exams and analyzing the results.
7Preventing external intervention into learning affairs and making objective decisions
8Being qualified in their specialization and an excellent example of a successful academic person.
9Follows superior instructions and performs their tasks in a proper and timely manner.
10Actively supports the head of the department in setting the general strategy and enhancing the quality of work.
11Demonstrating initiatives and actively participating in different committees.
12Regularly attend university activities (seminars, workshops, sports…etc.)
13Possesses critical thinking and accepts criticism.
14Active in the research field, and their publications are published in international journals
15Participates in external activities (professional, media, charity, or any other activity).
16Actively utilising the student-centred learning applications of student engagement and implementing it in the bologna process
17Using the technologies and platforms in the university to enhance the learning experience of the students.
18Motivating the students to make use of the facilities in the university (library, labs, etc.)
19Using English as the only medium of communication
20Preventing external intervention in learning affairs and making objective decisions