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The college of Arts is a commitment to integrate interdisciplinary work in the arts and social sciences.

College of Arts

Interdisciplinarity is, undoubtedly, the central challenge in higher education today; the main function is to promote interdisciplinarity, not substation, but as an essential complement to strong driving to specialize in narrow branches. This interdisciplinarity, it must be emphasized, corresponds to the embryonic nature of scholarship and teaching at CUE.

The College provides platform for students, researchers, renowned scholars, writers and visiting professors of national and international fame to interact with students in intellectually stimulating environment. The College seeks to develop deeper insights and new perspectives to equip students with sophisticated and highly effective education strategies in disciplines such as literature, history, culture, linguistics and philosophy.

To be the center of extraordinary educational productivity. The College seeks to raise awareness of scientific advances in social change in both academic and research fields. The college strives to serve the nation and humanity through its social and scientific research. The College also strives to be the premier in the Kurdistan Region and provides important intellectual and determined experience that prepares students for their role as active citizens and everyday leaders.

The college offers excellent education through a diverse, dynamic and personalized academic environment where active learning is paramount. Innovative and dynamic departments and programs encourage students to acquire sustainable skills that they can achieve throughout their lives, focusing on creative, analytical and ethical thinking and communication. The college offers personalized mentoring, integrative, diverse and multi-disciplinary curriculum; opportunities for research, creativity and service outside of class as well as participation in a lively and stimulating community.

  • Create and support mentoring culture across the college.
  • Support and promote the development and enhancement dynamic curriculum which facilitates interdisciplinary, international, multimodal, comprehensive and dissimilar concepts.
  • Increase support for and value of scholarship and creative expression.
  • Improve CUE visibility internally and externally.
  • Engage alumni better.


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