CAD Evaluation Table

The Quality Assurance is using the below table to evaluate the continuous academic development of faculty at CUE.

Presenting a Seminar3
Attending a Seminar1
Presenting a seminar on published research4
Publishing a paper in a journal with DOAJ6
Publishing a paper in a journal with Scopus/ Web of Science8
Publishing a paper in a journal with Impact Factor10
Receiving an Award or Reward6
Receiving Grants12
Presenting training course (Conducting Faculty Development Program)4
Presenting in a local workshop4
Attending (participating) in a local workshop (national)2
Presenting at an international workshop5
Attending (Participating) in an international workshop3
Participating (only) in a Conference, Symposium3
Participating with a paper in a Conference, Symposium5
Participating in a training course (Stating the number of days per each course)1
Participating in a Conference, Symposium as (Keynote Speaker)7
Television interview3
Internship Supervision (State number of each group/ location)1
Graduation Project Supervision (State number of the project)2
Writing a Book (Author/Edited)7
Translation of a Book5
Member of a scientific journal committee2
Research Assessment, Evaluation (per paper)2
Book Evaluation (Scientifically)5
Book Evaluation “Language assessment”5
Member of the equalization committee (University / Ministry level)4
Writing a chapter (Author/Edited)5
Translation of chapter/s4
Chapter Evaluation (Scientifically)3
Research Article/Chapter Evaluation “Language assessment”3
Member of International Professional Organization3
Member of University Exam Committee7
Department Level Committee1
University Level Committee3
Ministry Level Committee5
PhD Viva Committee4
Masters Viva Committee3
Diploma Viva Committee2
Supervising/Conducting Field trip2
Participating in Sport Activity2
Updating GOOGLE – Scholar Account, Will be evaluated by a committee4
Using the CUE Moodle platform Adequately, Will be evaluated by a committee6
Completing an academic profile on the CUE Website will be evaluated by a committee3
Other Professional Activities (Including Volunteering)2
Receiving an Appreciation letter from University President or Equivalent4