Life-Long Learning Center (LLC)

Life-long learning center (LLC) established in 2019 at Catholic University in Erbil.

The main purpose of the center is to provide the needs of the institutes in the public and private sectors, different community organization, and individuals with new knowledge and skills throughout organizing courses, programs, seminars and workshop which focus on the following aspects:

Observe and follow up on the development, Scientific directions and modern technology and then, transfer them to the laws of the community concerned
The opening of the Catholic University to society in general through the work of putting all the capacity, scientific and cultural possibilities provided by the departments of the university to improve the knowledge and culture of citizens and promote their intellectual, scientific and cultural.

Main Activities:

  • English Language Program
  • Creative Writing Program
  • Personal Development and Psychology Program
  • Information Technology Program
  • People Management Program
  • Business Development Program

English Language Program: Course Description

Catholic University in Erbil intends to support mature learners to improve their English Language. CUE decided to design a course that might help them in English language skills. One of the reasons that motivated CUE to create this course is; Catholic University in Erbil offers the study in the English language, therefore, students must learn English language skills so they can study different departments.

There are three levels concerning the English courses. These levels are Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced. CUE provides the learners the good learning environment by offering one month course, four months courses, and one year course. So that the course is designed to match different level, English learners. Their course book and workbook are designed to help them learn and understand vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, and speaking with some grammar issues in English at their English level.

English Language Program: Course Objectives

The three programs are designed for learners at different levels with English as a second language who wish to understand and apply the English Language skills appropriately. In other words, upon successful completion of the course the mature learner will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate and apply knowledge of basic essay structure, including introduction, body, and conclusion
  2. Employ the various stages of the writing process, including pre-writing, writing and re-writing
  3. Employ descriptive, narrative and expository modes;
  4. Demonstrate the ability to write for an academic audience
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of and apply the principles of effective paragraph structure;
  6. Write concise sentences;
  7. Recognize and correct basic grammatical errors, specifically errors of subject/verb agreement, verb tense, pronoun agreement, usage of prepositions and articles;
  8. Improve academic and idiomatic vocabulary;
  9. Employ socially appropriate language
  10. Read, analyze and respond to assigned readings with an understanding of structure and mechanics;
  11. Identify effective writing techniques in his or her own work and in peer writing.