Property Rights Center for Sustainable Minority IDP Returns

The Catholic University in Erbil-CUE together with local nongovernmental organizations Nineveh Reconstruction Committee of Iraq (NRC) and YAZDA, seek to launch a Property Rights Program to protect minority IDP property rights against illegal seizures in the post-ISIS period.

The program will be administratively centered at the Catholic University in Erbil, with field offices in Nineveh and Sinjar.

The problem will empower returning minority IDPs, as well as permanently displaced persons and affected refugees in the diaspora, with access to important information, communication with relevant judicial authorities, and understanding of their rights; improve Iraqi court processes and procedure related to property disputes; enhance minority rights to use their property in practice; re-establish the rule of law throughout the Nineveh Plain; promote productive economic use of private lands; promote peace and inter-ethnic reconciliation; and stabilize a volatile region.