College of
Economy and International Relations

Understanding management means understanding people.

College of Economy and International Relations

How do we encourage this in teams? How can we better organize ourselves to seize opportunities and solve problems? These are important questions for all managers who aim to succeed in a global, digital, fast-paced, and dynamic future.

Without the right and reliable control, no organization will thrive. The roles and responsibilities vary greatly from manager to manager, but their overarching aim remains the same – to create and sustain a profitable and productive corporate.

In the context of the free economy, the College has a crucial role through its variant departments, such as Accounting, Business Management, Economics, and International Relations to play in optimizing the way institutions, private as well as public, are managed in the objective of ensuring the best possible level of growth, and thereby – we all hope – a dramatic improvement in people’s lives.

The College strives to be recognized as a leading academic institution dedicated to excellence in education and to transform students into future leaders to face the challenges of regional, national and global environments while always holding diverse values keeping in mind.

The College is dedicated to training and cultivating leaders and builders of the future who generate value for their stakeholders and community as a whole by ways to establish and disseminate awareness, ideas and resources.
Through interdisciplinary thinking and research, experiential learning, and critical reflections on personal and professional fulfillment, the College is equally committed with diverse business and communities.

  • Excelling through attentive advising, innovative curricula, and market orientation to create an impact on the teaching and learning process
  • Providing hands-on learning through constructive interaction with the corporate environment.
  • Striving to establish collaborative partnerships with corporate, academic, and public institutions.
  • Respecting all stakeholders while acting independently.
  • Working openly and collaboratively with like-minded organizations regionally and internationally, convene forums and distribute ideas and results.
  • Believing that diversity is a source of strength, and we protect the rights and dignity of our student fraternity and faculty.


Department of Business Management

Graduates will be able to work in various professional fields such as Banks, Marketing, companies, and Non- profit organization.

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Department of Economy

In the department of economics, empowering every student to realize the potential, using data to influence education and learning effectively and continuously enhancing the teaching faculty abilities.

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Department of International Relations

The skills graduate of law and international relations gain are transferable to many different roles beyond qualifying as a solicitor, lawyer, barrister or international relations officer.

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Department of Accounting

It is guaranteed that accounting graduates can find up to 40 top paid jobs wherever they work: in the region, country or the globe.

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