Student Life


Usually, a “campus” refers to an institution or an organization. At CUE University, it’s a way of life where students can participate in various student activities, events, engage in community services and individual projects.

Students Activity

It’s in the daily activities, the football games, late night meetings, workshops, campus concerts, social gatherings and more that life happens.
It’s where community is founded in friendship, faith, unconditional support and heart. Where lifelong bonds are made and where defining moments happen every day.


Being a student is more than just going to classes.
We have events, clubs and learning opportunities to help make your time at CUE unforgettable.
Find the right balance between study, work and play.

Student Areas

Game Room

The Game Room is a comfortable place for students to relax and have fun together.

Other Services

Cafeterias and restaurants are important in university campuses. The largest Cafeteria of the university designed for use by staff, students and visitors is generally the most visited component of a university