College ofEngineering

Engineers harness the power of technology, combining it with their innovation, creativity, and expertise to build a better world.

College of Engineering

The world is evolving and engineers power that change. As global systems become yet more complex and the needs of society become evermore urgent, engineers employ innovative design, strategic thinking and the latest developments in materials and technology to help us all to lead happier and safer lives.

Engineers combine advanced knowledge of Maths and Science with a creative approach to problem-solving. Through rigorous experimentation they apply new solutions to meet the needs of industry and our growing society.

The College’s core focus is on training graduates across the whole range of engineering disciplines. With its cross-disciplinary research in the fields of Architecture Engineering, Civil Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Information Security and Computer Science, the College focuses on innovation to support society. With access to CUE’s modern laboratories, our students thrive at the cutting-edge of research.

The College strives to be at the forefront of technical education, research and innovation. Our students’ entrepreneurial attitude leaves them ready to address the rising technological and socio-economic needs of both the Kurdistan Region and the world at large. We transform our students into leaders in their fields, supported by our core values.

The college offers student a quality-assured education, supported by the resources needed to complete their studies successfully and transition into the career of their choice. The College fosters academic and career success in a healthy, open and sustainable learning atmosphere by fostering critical thinking, constructive communication, creativity and cultural awareness. The college serves the needs of our diverse student population through our tangible learning results, our ethos, the success or our students and dedication to fairness and responsibility.

  • To provide student-centered services to ensure that graduates are trained in professional knowledge, best methods, project management, collaboration, organisational and leadership abilities, lifelong learning, social conscience and ethical accountability. Wide accreditation and state-of-the-art laboratories guarantee an excellent learning environment in the program.
  • To carry out applied research and establish multi-stakeholder partnerships to identify solutions to industrial problems and/or effecting improvements in pedagogy.
  • To deliver a full bachelors degree that promotes expertise and a scientific mindset, leading to sustainable careers.


Department of Civil Engineering

Graduates can find wide job opportunities in public construction projects and engineering offices and in private construction projects and private engineering offices.

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Department of Architecture Engineering

Work on projects with other professionals including construction workers & architects will have opportunities to work in both governmental & private corporations Design & supervise construction of buildings, roads & systems.

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