College of
Information Technology and Computer Sciences

College of Information Technology and Computer Sciences

Science is an ever-growing field that constantly pushes students to work in ways not normally found in other content areas. The College relies heavily on inquiry-based methodology to reinforce the various scientific concepts and ideas discussed in the classroom. The magic found in any science class, in the end, is laboratory work. Unlike other disciplines, sciences allow students to discover what they have studied through hands-on experiences.

The College strives to achieve recognition locally and nationally for excellence in teaching and research in each of its disciplines, to contribute to the regional and federal economic and intellectual development, and to educate students dedicated to achievement, leadership, service, and lifelong learning.

The College facilitates students with the requisite tools for critical thinking and leading success in their professional and personal lives. The College pioneers expanding knowledge in Information Science, Technology, and Computer Sciences through research and invention. We strive to carry out research that matters and prepare students locally, nationally, and globally to be considerate, ethical, and affiliated members of society.

  • Focus on learning for students – innovation, experimentation, and evaluation.
  • Conduct research that is important for the common good and scientific understanding.
  • Increase sponsorship – including regular grants and major gifts.
  • Foster efforts to internationalize appropriate departments.
  • Improve long-term career success and satisfaction for faculty members.
  • Foster outreach, recruitment, and talent retention in the natural sciences, especially among underrepresented groups.


Department of Computer Sciences

Graduates of computer sciences department have wide range opportunities to win jobs in a variety of sectors due to the computerized work involved in each company or organization.

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Department of Information Technology

The B.Sc IT program provides undergraduates with the board technical education necessary for productive employment in the public or private sector

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