A Comparative Evaluation for Image Classification using WBC

“On October 15th, 2022, Dr. Shahad Wahhab presented a seminar on “A Comparative Evaluation for Image Classification using WBC.” The seminar covered concepts such as Data Collection, design, and methodology, explaining what a white blood cell is (WBC) and its types. One objective of this process is to “extract and choose the characteristics that are most appropriate to be utilized as the classifier’s input.”.  Throughout the design process “Each method uses a learning algorithm to find the model that most accurately relates the feature set of input data to separate their classes.

 Furthermore, an example of this would be the methodology of such image processing, which starts with the original image taken with a camera, goes through segmentation, algorithm scanning, and feature extraction all the way until a database is created and thus a classification could be made. The seminar concluded that “even when using multiple designs with varied combinations of depth, number of layers, parameters, or branches, the overall performance of the models does not differ significantly. “. This session was organized by the department of IT & CS.”