An analytical study of Jane Eyre’s “Fears in Dreams

On October 19th, 2022, Ms. Atour Michael presented a seminar about “An analytical study of Jane Eyre’s “Fears in Dreams.” The seminar was about Jane Eyre a novel written by Charlotte Bronte (1816-1855) an English writer whose life affected her writings, especially this novel.

The novel deals with the secrets of the human heart and through Jane’s dreams, we follow the journey of the heroine’s life. Furthermore, according to Freud “a dream is a completely asocial mental product; it has nothing to communicate to anyone else” this egoistic nature of the dream makes it a good interpreter of the character. Jane through her dreams expresses her fears.

The conclusion of the analysis was that Charlotte Bronte’s message revealed through Jane’s Dreams is simple: Modern life confuses man a lot; it makes him feel weak and at the same time afraid to show his weakness which pushes man to hold on to some kind of masks that hide his true nature; and thus, pushing all his fears inside him into that big box: his subconscious. The department of English language led this seminar.