College ofNursing

College of Nursing

The College of Nursing at the Catholic University in Erbil was founded in 2022, and
the first batch of students will be admitted in the academic year 2023-2024. Through a
modern and innovative academic program, the College of Nursing will provide the
students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies that will enable them
to improve the health and well-being of the people and the community. The study
program will also help them enhance their critical thinking, creativity, and other soft
skills. After four years of study, the graduates will attain a Bachelor’s degree in
Nursing. The degree will enable them to work in different health facilities in the public
and private sectors. The College is well-equipped with the required facilities for
theoretical, laboratory, and practical education and training. The latter will be carried out
at several well-established health facilities such as Marayamana Hospital.



Level Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
UGI One 1 CUENS1101 Introduction to nursing 3
2 CUENS1102 Fundamentals of Nursing I 8
3 CUENS1103 Anatomy 5
4 CUEIR1105 Kurdology / Kurdish Language 4
5 CUENIT1106 Computer Skills 5
6 CUEEN1106 General English 5
Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
Two 1 CUENS1201 Fundamentals of nursing II 8
2 CUENS1202 Physiology 5
3 CUENS1203 Biochemistry 5
4 CUENS1204 English for nursing 3
5 CUENS1205 Academic debate 4
6 CUENS1206 Communication skills 5
Level Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
UGII Three 1 CUENS2301 Adult nursing I 7
2 CUENS2302 Nutrition 3
3 CUENS2303 Health assessment 6
4 CUENS2304 Microbiology & Immunology for Nursing 6
5 CUENS2305 Pharmacology for Nursing I 3
6 CUENS2306  English Communication 5
Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
Four 1 CUENS2401 Adult nursing II 7
2 CUENS2402 Growth & Development 5
3 CUENS2403 Pathophysiology 5
4 CUENS2404 Professional perspective & ethical issues 5
5 CUENS2405 Pharmacology for Nursing II 3
6 CUENS2406 Professional English Writing 5
Level Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
UGIII Five 1 CUENS3501 Maternal and neonatal health 7
2 CUENS3502 Introduction to Public Health 5
3 CUENS3503 Sociology of nursing 4
4 CUENS3504 Biostatistics 5
5 CUENS3505 Geriatric Nursing 5
6 CUENS2406 Elective 4
Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
Six 1 CUENS3601 Infant, child adolescent nursing care 9
2 CUENS3602 Basic emergency life support 7
3 CUENS3603 Basic research methods 5
4 CUENS3604 Psychology 5
5 CUENS3605 Elective 4
Note 1: The student should complete the Summer Internships to fulfil the requirements of the Bachelor of Science degree
Level Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
UGIV Seven 1 CUENS4701 Family and community health nursing 7
2 CUENS4702 Critical care nursing 8
3 CUENS4703 Epidemiology 6
4 CUENS4704 Project management 5
5 CUENS4705 Elective 4
 Note 2: The student should start with the graduation project at the beginning of the seven semester
Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS
Eight 1 CUENS4801 Mental and psychiatric health nursing 8
2 CUENS4802 Consolidation of nursing practice 7
3 CUENS4803 Nursing leadership and management 5
4 CUENS4804 Research project 10




Elective Courses
Medical Terminology Occupational Safety
Palliative Care Concepts of Professional Nursing
Health Policy & Heath Services Maternity
Business Communicative and Soft Skills Adult Pediatrics & Psychiatry
Community Thinking skills

The graduation of nursing cadres with the competence to serve the health sector institutions. Graduate well-trained staff with the ability to provide patient care based on scientific principles. In accordance with current changes and developments, providing health institutions with specially trained nurses according to the needs of the labor market and ensuring that nursing work is prepared and carried out by professional nurses with a modern vision of the nursing profession and scientific research

The mission of the College of Nursing is consistent with the mission and vision of Catholic University in Erbil (CUE), which is to support values-based liberal arts and professional education to all students in achieving their educational goals in an environment of academic and scholarly excellence. CUE College of Nursing aims to prepare nurses who will be leaders in addressing the healthcare needs of the local, national and global communities by providing caring, innovative, and professional services.

  • Preparing nursing staff with multiple educational levels, scientifically and practically qualified, and able to deal with different modern technologies to provide the best care for the patient.
  • Supplying all health institutions with their needs for nursing staff and for both Genders.
  • Provide patient-centered, holistic, compassionate, and respectful care to families, communities, and patient populations by synthesizing and integrating knowledge from nursing and liberal education (Patient-Centered Care).
  • To guide practice decisions based on current evidence and clinical expertise, students evaluate and integrate current evidence with their clinical expertise, preferences, experiences, and values (Evidence-Based Practice).
  • Apply clinical reasoning and critical thinking to promote a culture of safety and prevent the risk of harm to populations, families, colleagues, and the community (Safety).
  • Demonstrate effective communication with patients, families, and colleagues by fostering mutual respect and shared decision-making to enhance knowledge, experience, and health outcome (Communication; Teamwork, and Collaboration).
  • Recognize the changing in the healthcare system and demonstrate the ability to access resources safely, effectively, and financially responsibly to provide value-based care (Systems-based Practice).
  • Demonstrate active participation and collaboration within nursing and inter-professional teams to achieve quality patient outcomes (Teamwork and Collaboration).
  • Demonstrate professionalism through consistent application and self-reflection of ethical, legal, altruistic, humanistic, regulatory principles, and self-care (Professionalism).

Graduates will be able to work in various professional fields of nursing, such as hospitals, Medical centers, community health, and academic field of nursing.

A further advantage for CUE graduates will be the big opportunities offered by Maryamana Hospital and other local hospitals.