Department of Accounting

Head of Department: Mr. Farhad Rafaat Al-Kake


The Department of Accounting will have regionally, nationally, and internationally recognized education and research programs for students seeking solutions for complex real-world accounting and business problems. The University will make a difference by focusing on problem-solving, innovating, and influencing in a real-world interdisciplinary environment.


Through the active integration of teaching, research, and engagement, the Department of Accounting informs and develops leaders grounded in the fundamentals required for the accounting profession and prepared to meet real-world challenges.


The general objective of the department is to produce qualified graduates who can meet regional, national, and global needs in accounting and auditing.

This includes producing qualified accountants who can:

  • Handle general accounts
  • Apply cost accounting
  • Prepare budget
  • Produce financial reports
  • Make better financial decisions
  • Analyze information for planning and control
  • Undertake examination of records (auditing).

 Job Prospects

It is guaranteed that accounting graduates can find up to 40 top paid jobs wherever they work: in the region, country, or the globe.

Among these job titles: Bookkeeping clerk, Accounting Clerk, Auditing Clerk, Accounts Receivable Clerk, Billing Clerk, Accounts Payable Clerk, Bookkeeper, Management Trainee, Payroll Clerk, Corporate Entertainment Accountant, Cost Accountant, Credit Analysis Manager, Tax Accountant, Treasury Analyst, Auditor, Cost estimator, Government Accountant, Budget Analyst, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Specialists, Assistant Controller, Chief Financial Officer, International Accountant, Managerial Accountant, Environmental Accountants, Accounting Software Developer, Risk and Compliance Professionals, Information Technology Accountants, Controller, and Accounting teacher.


Level Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS  
UGI One 1 AC1101 Principles of Accounting-I 6  
2 AC1102 English for Accounting 5  
3 AC1103 Micro Economics 6  
4 IR1105 Kurdistan Studies (Kurdology) 4  
Kurdish Language  
5 IR1104 Academic Debate 4  
6 EN1106 General English-I 5  
Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS  
Two 1 AC1201 Principles of Accounting-II 6  
2 AC1202 Financial Mathematics 4  
3 AC1203 Macro Economics 5  
4 AC1204 Principles of Statistics 5  
5 IT1206 Computer Skills 5  
6 EN1206 General English-II 5  
Level Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS  
UGII Three 1 AC2301 Intermediate Accounting-I 5  
2 AC2302 Financial Management 5  
3 AC2303 Principles of Management 5  
4 AC2304 Cost Accounting-I 5  
5 AC2305 Commercial Law 5  
6 EN2307 Communicative English 5  
Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS  
Four 1 AC2401 Intermediate Accounting-II 5  
2 AC2402 Corporate Finance 5  
3 AC2403 Organizational Theory 5  
4 AC2404 Cost Accounting-II 5  
5 AC2405 Companies Law 5  
6 EN2407 Professional Writing 5  
Level Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS  
UGIII Five 1 AC3501 Advanced Financial Accounting-I 5  
2 AC3502 Managerial Accounting-I 5  
3 AC3503 Taxation-I 5  
4 AC3504 Research Methodology 5  
5 EN3507 Business Communication/Soft Skills 5  
6 AC3506 Elective 5  
Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS  
Six 1 AC3601 Advanced Financial Accounting-II 5  
2 AC3602 Managerial Accounting-II 5  
3 AC3603 Taxation-II 5  
4 AC3604 Computer Applications in Accounting 5  
5 AC3605 Governmental Accounting 5  
6 AC3606 Elective 5  
Note 1: The student should complete the Summer Internships to fulfill the requirements of the Bachelor of Science degree
Level Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS  
UGIV Seven 1 AC4701 Advanced Cost Accounting-I 5  
2 AC4702 International Accounting-I 5  
3 AC4703 Accounting Information System 5  
4 AC4704 Accounting Theory 5  
5 AC4705 Entrepreneurship 5  
6 AC4706 Elective 5  
Note 2: The student should start with the graduation project at the beginning of the seven semester
Semester No. M Code Module Title ECTS  
Eight 1 AC4801 Advanced Cost Accounting-II 5  
2 AC4802 International Accounting-II 5  
3 AC4803 Unified Accounting 5  
4 AC4804 Elective 5  
5 AC4806 Graduation Project 10  

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