Digital Innovation in the Kurdistan Region Symposium

On December 13, 2023, CUE hosted the Digital Innovation Symposium on its campus. The event was held in collaboration with the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Department of Information Technology (KRGDIT) and the University of Kurdistan Hewler (UKH). Researchers and experts shared their insights on trending technological advancements and challenges during the current digital era.

The symposium opened with a welcoming speech delivered by Dr. Firas Al-Mukhtar (CUE). Following, the first session, titled “Cyber Security” was conducted by UKH. An “Overview of Traditional Security Models” was delivered by Dr. Aram Mahmood (UKH); and the “Role of AI in Cyber Security” was conducted by Dr. Polla Fatta (UKH). The following session was about Internet Architecture, delivered by Mr. Ari Taha (CUE).

After the break, the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Department of Information Technology delivered two presentations on E-Governments and Challenges. Mr. Samal Yousif Abdullah delivered a presentation about “IT Infrastructure Challenges and Solutions in KRG-DIT”; and Mr. Brusk Awat Mustafa conducted a presentation about “Kurdistan Regional Government’s Digital Transformation led by DIT”. Furthermore, Mr. Shamal S. Karim spoke about “Data Analytics and its Impact on Decision Making” and “Digital Trends and Emerging Technologies”.