Language Standardisation: the case of French

“On October 16th, 2022, Mr. Michael Phillips presented a seminar titled “Language Standardisation: the case of French”.

During this seminar, Mr Phillips explained the various processes, according to Haugen, E. (1966) that relate to the processes of language standardisation.

He then went on to give a brief overview of French history, before inviting participants to try and apply the framework to the facts.

A prolonged, lively if not stormy debate ensued; it was most fortunate to have Dr Aziz Emmanuel Al-Zebari and Dr Anis Behnam Naoum Haddad among the attendants. Dr Aziz gave the benefit of his research into the Neo-Aramaic dialects while Dr Anis was able to field questions from the audience and put them right.

Mr Phillips is currently at the Department of English, by which this seminar was organized.”

Language Standardisation: the case of French
French Language Standardisation