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Mentorship Program at CUE

The initiation of a Mentorship Program at CUE is contemplated to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical application. Through the connection of students or alumni with accomplished professionals, the intent is to impart invaluable guidance, facilitate networking opportunities, and provide practical insights to enhance personal and professional growth. This form is to collect qualified mentors from all across Iraq to join our unique program.


Clear Career Goal: From the very early stage of the program, a clear career goal must be allocated for the mentee either by him/herself or by the mentor that is in the best interest of the mentee.

Career Development Facilitation: To guide and support students and alumni in navigating their respective career paths.

Entrepreneurship Encouragement: To support and encourage aspiring entrepreneurs in developing and establishing their businesses.

Alumni Network Strengthening: To fortify connections between current students and alumni, fostering a sense of community and shared success.

This program is on a voluntary base. There is no payment paid for the mentor or the mentee. As the community grows, members in the same community need to contribute to it to ensure the following generation gains practical experience. 

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