The Welcoming Letter of CUE President, Dr. Nazar Shabila, to CUE’s First Stage Students

Dear New Students,
A warm and enthusiastic welcome to the Catholic University in Erbil (CUE)! Congratulations on successfully completing high school and embarking on this exciting journey with us. Choosing the right university and prestigious study programs is a significant achievement, and we commend each one of you for making this important decision.
At CUE, we hold excellence in high regard, not only in academic pursuits but also in all aspects that shape us as individuals. During your time here, you will grow ethically, intellectually, socially, culturally, and physically. Each facet of your personality is valued as we strive to strike a balance that prepares you for leadership and community service. Our commitment to high-quality teaching and learning is unwavering. CUE aims to empower the next generation of professional leaders, instilling a sense of excellence, competence, and skills to emerge as responsible members of society, benefit the community, and uphold human dignity.
The concept of student-centered learning is at the core of our approach, focusing on developing your leadership, communication, critical thinking, English language, and career skills.
Diversity is celebrated at CUE, and we take pride in creating a welcoming, varied, courteous, amicable, and encouraging environment. Together, we cultivate a stimulating learning atmosphere that enables you to realize your full potential. As you step into one of the most thrilling times of your life, know that your energy and excitement will contribute to the vibrancy of our campus life. Everyone at
CUE is here to ensure that your experience is not only productive but also enjoyable.
Congratulations again on embarking on what promises to be the most empowering period of your life. As you graduate from CUE in the coming years, we hope you take pride in your accomplishments. Your enthusiasm and energy will undoubtedly
enhance our fascinating life at CUE as we learn, explore, and grow together. Greetings once more from the CUE family. May your time at CUE be productive and successful, paving the way for a bright future for all of you.
Warm regards,
Prof. Dr. Nazar Shabila
Vice Chancellor and President
Catholic University in Erbil (CUE)