Workshop on MOODLE

CUE’s ICT department ran a workshop about Moodle on 10 September 2022 to clarify updates and new features. the platform is free and is used for blended learning, E-learning made easier, online activities or learning schemes, and long-distance teaching.

The workshop began with a questionnaire distributed to all teachers and lecturers as a pre-test to evaluate their knowledge regarding the platform. After a detailed lecture run by Mr. Fanar and Mr. Rebaz, explaining the login procedure for new users, account access, planning weekly sessions, and monitoring attendance, attendants were given the same questionnaire to evaluate the knowledge gained during the workshop.

CUE’s purpose in using Moodle platform is to make teaching and learning possible and accessible to all, even when obstacles such as covid arise. The future purpose is to include E-library within the platform, to make books and journals accessible to students and teachers.

The workshop concluded by answering the attendants’ queries. 

“This initiative comes from the CUE’s dedication to offering professional training, learning, and development opportunities, as part of the Capacity Building project and the generous support of the U.S. Department of State’s Near Eastern Affairs Bureau (NEA/AC).”