Workshop: “Social Media: Explore, Develop, Risks”

On November 14th, 2023, the Student Life Office at #CUE organized a workshop titled “Social Media: Explore, Develop, Risks”. The workshop was delivered by H.G. Archbishop Bashar Warda, and Fr. Albert Husham.

After welcoming remarks were conducted by the SLO Manager, Sr. Narjis Henti SHJ, H.G. Archbishop Warda delivered a presentation titled “Selfie Civilization”, highlighting its “self centered culture”; furthermore, his grace emphasized the influences of media and such culture on the growth of children, which leads to making them more sensitive and vulnerable. His grace also highlighted how such a culture centered on self, seeks to get approval from others, thus self confidence is merely reliable on peoples’ likes, comments and observations.

Later, Fr. Albert Husham conducted a presentation discussing 20 questions that we can ask ourselves regarding social media. He displayed a set of paintings, painted by a polish painter, criticizing the negative side of social media and the risks it poses. Questions such as “Can social media help us become more educated?”, “Does social media make us more competitive?”, “Does social media make us creative?” and more. Fr. Albert also emphasized how social media affects parents and children’s’ relationship.

After the presentations, students were divided into discussion groups, as they discussed the meaning of a set of additional paintings that convey a message about social media. the groups then delivered a brief presentation regarding their final thoughts and conclusions of the discussions.

At the end of the workshop, Fr. Albert Husham was awarded with a certificate of appreciation for the efficient workshop that he delivered.