Workshop on “Quality Assurance at the CUE”

On February 10th,2021, a workshop entitled “Quality Assurance at the CUE” was presented by Assist.Prof.Dr.Riadh Francis and Dr.Firas Almukhtar.
The workshop was attended by CUE’s president along with the university’s academic staff.
The workshop aimed to clarify in detail all the measures and procedures required to ensure the implementation of good quality assurance attributes in compliance with the rules and instructions of the MoHE.
The TQA program in the CUE is concerned with accurate reporting, monitoring the accuracy of teaching and learning systems, Auditing of record-keeping processes.
Finally, the seminar was followed by a discussion part in which Assist.Prof.Dr.Riadh Francies and Dr.Firas Almukhtar answered participants’ questions.