CUE Group Explores Iraq, the Cradle of Civilization

Excited to explore the country’s landmarks and beauty, a group of CUE students and staff started a university trip on April 30th, 2024.

Day one of the trip included a guided tour to the National Iraqi Theater, Al-Shaheed Monument and the House of Wisdom. Later, they enjoyed a visit to Al-Mutanabi Street and Al Qushla.

On the second day of the exciting trip of exploring Iraq, the CUE group visited Al Nasiriyah, exploring the ancient city of Ur, nearby sites and the Chibayish Marshes. The group also visited the Royal Cemetery and Prophet Abraham’s House in Ur.

On the third day of their trip to exploring #Iraq, the CUE group was welcomed at the Chaldean Catholic Archdiocese of Basrah. Following that, they had a cruise on Shatt Al-Arab and visited the Corniche of Basrah and the main Museum in the City.

After their exciting tour around Basrah and its landmarks, the group headed to Babel, visiting Hamourabi’s Tourist city.

On the fourth and last day of the our group’s trip of exploring Iraq, the CUE students and staff visited the Ancient City of Babylon, seeing the cradle of ancient civilization.

Throughout the trip, the students were able to have insight and knowledge about numerous landmarks and sites in the country. This allowed them to have a better understanding of their own culture and of early civilizations.