Catholic University in Erbil celebrates the International Women’s Day

The students of the Catholic University in Erbil celebrated the International Women’s Day today by spreading awareness and shedding light on the crucial role that women play in Iraq and in the whole world.

“Education is the first step towards positive change,” explained Ms Sana, a member of the CUE faculty. “Female students had a major role in making this event happen, with the help of teachers and male students.” The latter were taught how to show support to women around them and why it is important.

The March 8 included a poster exhibition showcasing positive things about women and the negativity many of them face in many countries around the world every day.

Additionally, students reflected on the role of women in the Bible, weighed various solutions for women issues. Exemplary women from Iraq, Kurdistan and abroad were discussed as role models.

Adding an element of levity to the serious topic, some students staged a ten-minute play about how most of the Iraqi women are treated up till today and how they deserve to be treated: as human beings equal to men.

Certain students dressed up to represent women from different countries of the world and spoke about gender inequalities inside and between those countries.

CUE students are now much better equipped to pioneer women-related issues among their peers.