2021 Rewards Ceremony

On Wednesday, 26th May 2021, The Catholic University in Erbil- CUE held a “Rewarding Ceremony” for CUE researchers and admin for their academic achievement and hard work. 

The event was attended by Assist.Prof.Dr.Riadh Francis the university’s President and Vice-Chancellor, Dr.Iqbal N.Gorgis, Vice- President for Scientific Affairs, Rev.Father Dankha Joola, the Executive Vice-Chancellor for Administration, and members of the academic and admins staff.

The ceremony began with a speech by the President of the university, Assist, Prof.Dr.Riadh Francis. In his speech, the President of CUE appreciated highly the significant scientific achievements of a distinguished group of CUE faculties, would it be articles, chapters in books, books or patent and stressed on maintaining this exercise of rewarding and appreciating the hard work  of CUE faculties, calling upon all other faculties to join this group of awardees to take part in this wonderful endeavor of boosting the academic image and ranking of CUE. This was followed by a speech by Dr. Satya Subrahmanyam, Professor and Director of the LLLC center at CUE, representing the recipients of rewards, in which he expressed his will and resolute to support all the academic staff in publishing research papers annually as this will greatly enhance their academic knowledge and records, and will contribute to the progress and advancement of their own academic organization , i.e. CUE.

The event ended with awarding appreciation certificates to the Academic Staff and admin.

Wishing all our academic staff and admin every success in boosting the university’s mission and values. 

The CUE recipients for the 2021 awards are:
 1. Dr. Iqbal Gorgis.  2-Prof. Dr. Satya Subrahmanyam 3-Dr. Mohammad G. Galety 4-Dr. Firas Husham Almukhtar 5- Mr. Fanar Fareed Hanna Rofoo 6-Dr. Aziz E. Al-Zebari 7-Mr. Manoj Sanfisetti 8- Mr. Avinash Bondu 9-Ms. Rana Yalda