A scientific Visit to Babylon TV

On Tuesday 18th of Feb 2020, a scientific Visit to Babylon TV, Babylon FM and Al-Salam Radio all located at Babylon Media Headquarters was arranged for all Information Technology (IT) and Computer Science (CS) students under the supervision of Dr. Firas, Head of IT Department and Mr. Fanar Rofoo, lecturer in IT Department.

The visit aimed to show students the diverse aspects of technology related to their studies and where these students may see and become applicable in their future work.

The students listened to the presenter who introduce the different departments of the channel, describe the diverse technology and programs used for their work. There was a live program asked for two volunteers to participate, so, Diana khalid – 3rd level IT and Sofia Ayad 3rd CS dept joined them in the live program.

Ultimately, we thanked all team members of Babylon TV. who spent their valuable time for us.