A Talk on “Vatican Diplomacy” By Monsignor Mitja Leskovar

A lecture by Monsignor Mitja Leskovar, the Apostolic Nuncio to Iraq, titled “Vatican Diplomacy” was conducted at the CUE campus on May 2nd. H. G. Monsignor Mitja started his talk with a brief historical introduction emphasizing that the “Holy See plays an active part, in both bilateral and multilateral international relations”. H.G. also emphasized that the Code of Canon Law (Church Law) gives solid juridical basis for Papal diplomacy and thus highlighting the nature and purpose of Papal diplomacy according to Canon law.

Moreover, “Ways of presence and scope of the Holy See’s activity in the international relations and organizations as they appear today” was another highlighted point during the lecture, emphasizing some of the present-day “objectives and various “fields of action” of Papal diplomacy in the international relations and organizations”, some of which are summarised as “…defence of peace; promotion of inter-religious dialogue as a means of achieving peace among various groups, nations and civilizations; rejection of violence in internal political controversies; mediation in solving conflicts; rejection of war as a way of resolving disputes between States; support of initiatives aiming at effective disarmament; promotion of the spirit of universal fraternity among all human beings (cfr. the Pope Francis’ Encyclical Letter “Fratelli tutti” on fraternity and social friendship, published in 2020)”, among many other objectives and actions.

H.G. concluded that “it can be said that the scope of the Holy See’s activities in international relations and organizations is that of rendering them ever more sensitive to the requirements that derive from God’s law and from the natural law, for the requirements of justice and peace, for the respect of human rights including that of religious freedom, and for due solidarity among social groups and nations.”