A Visit by the Ankawa District to CUE

On Jan 27th, a delegation from the Ankawa District, led by the Director of Ankawa District, visited the Catholic University in Erbil and was welcomed by the CUE President, Dr. Riadh Francis, Executive Vice-Chancellor for Administration, Rev. Father Dankha Joola, and the Director of Public and International Relations department, Ms. Vida Hanna.

Alongside Mr. Ramy Syawish, the Director of Ankawa District, the delegation included Mr. Apolo Boya, the Director of Ankawa Municipality, and Mr. Sivan Adnan, an employee in the Municipality.

The main points that were discussed in the meeting were over the importance of cooperation between the two sides and how the CUE could contribute to investing in the youth power of the community, which is an asset for prospering our country.

Moreover, Mr. Ramy Syawish expressed his happiness for having the Catholic University in Ankawa, since that it reflects a good picture of the development of the Ankawa district.