An Industrial visit to “Ice King Factory”

An Industrial visit to “Ice King Factory”, Baharka Road, Ankawa, Erbil was organized by the Accounting Department on 2nd May 2019. Forty-Two Accounting students and two faculties visited to Ice King Factory to interact with the Accounting staff to understand accounting procedure, accounting methods used, accounting practices, etc. In this visit students were very eagerly waiting for listening to Mr. Hawar, Accounts Manager. they were given warm welcome by Mr. Pishtiwan, the Director of Ice King Factory. He interacted with the students and assigned a person to take them around the different departments of the Company. Mr. Ahmed was very helpful and took them around the different departments of the factory. Followed by the Ice cream factory, the students were shown the warehouses and explained about the different inventories and inventory management system.

Finally, Mr. Hawar, the Account Manager gave a brief introduction to the accounting system of Ice King Factory. The session was concluded with Question- Answer session. Many of the students asked different questions to the Account Manager on current accounting practices and he cleared all the doubt and myths which was in students’ mind about the practical aspects of accounting and book keeping. All students were satisfied after the session. Company motivated to the students by giving token of affection in the form of their factory-made fresh Ice Creams.
It was an informative, interesting and a successful visit. As students of Accounting department, they understand a live industry visit and its accounting practices, etc.

Ultimately, we thanked the Technical Head and all team members of Ice King Factory. who spent their valuable time for us.