An Overview of taxation system in Iraq

On Wednesday, March 16, 2022, The Quality assurance department of Catholic University in Erbil organized a seminar entitled “An Overview of Taxation System in Iraq” presented by Mr. Avinash Bondu, Department of Accounting.

In this seminar, important concepts regarding the taxation system in Iraq and the policies implemented in collecting taxes, the contribution of tax to the government revenue and the reasons behind the low tax revenue in Iraq are discussed. Also, the tax contribution to the respective economies of various parts of the world as a percentage of GDP was presented in a comparative style.

Later, a question and answer session, and discussion about the sources of revenue to the government of Iraq and their contributions and reforms being made to fill the gaps in collecting taxes were carried out among the attended Faculty of CUE, students, and the presenter.

The session ended after awarding Mr. Avinash Bondu with a certificate of appreciation by the QA team for his efforts in putting up such valuable information about the country’s policies.