Applicability of a Variety of Assessment Methods at the University Level

On October 29th, 2022, Dr. Sirwan Ali conducted a seminar titled “Applicability of a Variety of Assessment Methods at the University Level”. The seminar addressed the different academic challenges facing lecturers during the assessment practices, mainly with the Bologna System requirements.

The seminar presented a variety of definitions and types of assessments that emerged due to the complexity of the process and explored the tensions facing the lecturers while they exercise their professional autonomous rights. Therefore, mixing both summative and formative types of assessments was identified as a professional method to diminish the learners’ anxiety and frustrations. Furthermore, the three main purposes of assessment were presented as assessment of/for/as learning and their significance to be considered while lecturers plan for assessments. T

his seminar was conducted to present new methods for assessors to overcome any challenges they face within this process, so that they may assess professionally.  The seminar was conducted by the department of English Language.