Architecture and Society Symposium

21st May 2022. The architecture department arranged Symposium about architecture and society symposium.

This symposium presents an intellectual dialogue to know the changing influence between architecture and society on each other and how to create an environment that reflects it in all its needs and goals.

Throughout history, architecture stood as a representation of society, which reflected the values, successes, and downfalls of civilizations. From monumental structures to the residences and buildings that make up the fabric of the city, we can learn a lot about the people who inhabited it long before our era. By studying the built environment of the past, we come to understand the effects of architecture on people in entirely new ways, Architecture is the creation of the physical environment in which people live, but architecture is more than just a built environment, it is also a part of our culture. It is our representation of how we see ourselves and the world.

Final Recommendation for Architecture and Society Symposium 21st May 2022

1-Architecture” is based on being committed to securing the basic needs of the human community with the lowest costs and the use of locally available materials.

2-Architecture” works to protect the cultural and civilizational identity of the group, preserve the memory to resist dissolution or cancellation, to serve its surrounding environment, and to search for solutions to the problems facing the population, so that “architecture” is a social pioneer in its society.

3- Orienting students in the departments of architecture as architecture is a social phenomenon and must meet all the needs of society as we build for the human being and that architecture can guide human behavior.

4- Involve people in expressing their ideas and suggestions before preparing the design, and this gives positive implications for the design work.

5- It is necessary that there is a social assessment of the buildings after the occupancy to know the negative and positive aspects of the building spaces.

6- There are social aspects embedded in the spatial configuration of the built environment. so we can find the depth structure by this relation.

7- The traditional building is part of the identity of social so we must preserve this heritage and we can use the elements of this tradition in our modern building .and also the use of local materials.

8- The use of technology in our building but We are working on educating society about the need to use technology as part of urban and cultural development.

9- Attention to the application of planning and design standards for the local residential environment and its continuous development through feedback tests for residents to benefit from them in creating a sustainable environment for the inhabitants.

10- Raising ecological awareness among the society is assumed as part of the sustainable strategy.

11- Car dependency affects our cities negatively so studies should be focused well on making our cities more walkable and livable.