Architecture Students’ Scientific Visit to Al- Tahira school/ Qaraqosh

A scientific visit was done by 2nd stage architecture students to Al- Tahira school/ Qaraqosh on Saturday, February 25th, 2023, led by Dr. Siba and Mr. Zaid Khammo. The aim of the visit was to study the school’s architecture, understand the design and construction process, and observe how the building functions. The visit was planned to cover theoretical subjects such as Architecture Design and building technology as well as building materials, so the students were informed about the history of the building, its architecture, design and construction, materials used, and its impact on the learning environment.

During the visit, the students saw all the drawings, plans, and sections of the school building and its contents, and took an idea about the distribution of natural and synthetic lighting, the cooling and heating system, in addition to the fire system distribution in the building. The lecturers encourage the students to include interactive activities such as sketching or measuring various parts of the building to help the students understand the architecture and design in more detail.