Conference on Circular Economy

Online Conference
The MIT-WPU School of Economics has partnered with Helwan University, Catholic University & The Climate Reality Project to host the International Conference on “Circular Economy: Redefining the World and driving towards Sustainability”. The conference will serve as a forum for discussion of the principles, benefits, challenges, and solutions associated with a circular economy.
The global community has realised the increasing importance of transitioning to a circular economy. The Circular Economy is a new way of creating value, and ultimately prosperity. It works by extending product lifespan through improved design and servicing and relocating the waste from the end of the supply chain to the beginning-in effect, using resources more efficiently by using them over and over
and only once.
The importance of transitioning to a circular economy is increasingly recognised by the global community This conference intends to sensitise the academicians, researchers, and practitioners about the significance of SDGs and their
relevance to policy and practice. This platform would encourage the multi-
disciplinary research in shaping the circular economy addressing challenges and
constraints in the attainment of SDGS and deliberating on the policy solutions.
The conference Dates were 18-19 May 2022.