CUE Central System

On Tuesday, December 14th, 2021, Quality Assurance (QA) at Catholic University in Erbil conducted a workshop entitled “CUE Central System”, which was presented by the ICT Department.

The ICT department at the Catholic University in Erbil (CUE), with the generous help of the U.S. Department of State’s Near Eastern Affairs Bureau (NEA), launched the new Central System for the university as part of the fund that has been awarded to support CUE’s online learning system. The ICT department has introduced the Central System and trained all academic and admin staff members by organizing a workshop to teach them the basics of using the system.

The newly conducted CUE Central system will support the university’s daily operation by keeping all the events, tasks, scientific activities, annual leaves, and milestones organized in one place. Furthermore, the new system will assist the university in the process of executing and operating its projects and add advanced features, allowing the team to save time, increase productivity.

The Quality Assurance department at CUE has awarded certificates of appreciation to the ICT Department members for their tremendous efforts and the great contribution they provide to CUE. Moreover, the university’s top management thanked the U.S. Department of State’s Near Eastern Affairs Bureau (NEA) for their effort in supporting the educational process at CUE.