CUE Host HOBY Seminar

HOBY Iraq, part of HOBY International, held a two-day leadership seminar with a mission to inspire and develop the local communities in Iraq and Kurdistan to a life dedicated to leadership, service and innovation. The seminar was hosted by the Catholic University in Erbil on 25 & 26 November 2016 with representatives of the American consulate. A welcome address was given by CUE Chancellor Dr. Salahaddin Kako.

The seminar was hosted by Catholic University in Erbil.

Several CUE students actively participated in organizing the seminar and volunteering through its different activities. Gaelan, a student at CUE English Language Preparatory Year Program and the Head of Logistics team at HOBY Iraq, explained “HOBY cares about youth issues like how to help young people to be good leaders for future, how to like volunteering and how to take the right decisions”. He added “HOBY’s goal is to inspire and empower young people because young people can make the change in this word for better future”.