CUE Launches Scholarship Program

This academic year, CUE launched a large scholarship program for the children of martyrs, Peshmerga and the internally displaced persons (IDPs) from the Nineveh Plain to help them enter the university and obtaining their intended degrees.

The crisis situation in the region has forced many students to interrupt their studies and miss the possibility of studying in state universities. Fortunately, several international and Catholic organizations generously responded to the appeal of Archbishop Warda, the university’s founder. In particular, FRRME America and several European bishop conferences have provided many of the scholarships.

“We have been truly blessed by this generous grant from FRRME America. Their generosity has allowed us to be fully engaged from day one in our mission to serve the displaced Christians here in Iraq,” said the Archbishop.

Some of the scholarship recipients in a class at CUE

“I would never have been able to continue my education without this scholarship, I am very lucky. Education here is very useful and different” explained Rahma, a student from Nineveh Plain who is doing her English Language Preparatory Year Program as part of CUE Scholarship Program.

Firas, an ambitious young man, dreams of better future, “This scholarship means a lot to me because it is a great opportunity for me to serve my society and my city especially after liberating it from the hands of ISIS. So our task now should be its reconstruction and to do that we should have a great education”.

Enrollment for Spring 2017 is still open for qualified students regardless of need, and interested applicants are encouraged to visit the university campus. For more information, contact the university on: 07506013333 or send an email to: [email protected]