CUE Moodle platform usage and its importance to academic staff

As part of the Quality Assurance Program at the Catholic University in Erbil, the ICT Department organized a workshop entitled “CUE Moodle platform usage and its importance to academic staff.” on January 29, 2022.

The CUE Moodle platform is a course management system that faculty members have used at Catholic University for over five years. Also, the Moodle platform provides academic staff with an online environment where they can post their course content, manage and track students’ progress, and provide feedback to students. Hence, CUE’s ICT Team conducted this workshop in order to explain the importance of MOODLE and how to use the tools provided by this platform to create the best teaching/learning environment.

This set of trainings are provided as part of the Capacity Building project that has been funded by the Near Eastern Affairs bureau (NEA/AC) at the U.S. Department of State.

By the end of the workshop, CUE’s academic staff learned and developed their skills regarding the use of Moodle, the presenters answered all the attendees’ inquiries, and finally, the QA department presented certificates of appreciation to the ICT Department members Mr. Fanar Rofoo, (ICT Manager, lecturer) and Mr. Rebaz Maaroof, (ICT Officer, lecturer) and also Mr. Mohanad Laith (ICT Assistant), for their remarkable efforts and contributions.